Sammy Learns to Snowboard

Fine Motor Adventures
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Sammy Learns to Snowboard

This mini adventure includes:

1) Sammy Puppet

Design and cut out Sammy’s helmet and snowboard to make your own Sammy puppet.

2) Sammy Practices

Four pages of practice help Sammy progress from riding straight to performing tricks.

Sammy has a new trick to share with you!

How many loop-the-loops can he do?

3) In a Race

Sammy has gotten so good, he is getting ready to race. Snowy is always cheering him on! 2 pages. 

4) Rocky Ride

Steer Sammy clear of the rocks. Don’t touch a single rock! That will scrape up the board and may result in a crash! 3 maze like pages. 

Children may wish to trace flags, numbers, sun and clouds and color Sammy’s helmet and board. There are enough pages to spread this out as a child progresses along with Sammy.

4 ratings
  • 9 tracing/activity pages and 1 cut out page

  • Size
    561 KB
  • Length
    12 pages
  • 9 tracing/activity pages and 1 cut out page
  • Size561 KB
  • Length12 pages


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Sammy Learns to Snowboard

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